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The Master Book of Candle Burning
By Henri Gamache
In this book you will find everything you need to learn how to properly practice spriritual candle burning.
The Magic Candle
By Charmain Dey
Learn the facts and fundamentals of ritual candle burning. This book is designed to help you better understand and perfect your own techniques regardless of your faith.
Candle Magic
By Phillip Cooper
"Candle Magic" has everything you need to begin your exploration into the fascinating world of flame and wax. Using Cooper's techniques for training your mind and working with the energy of candles, you can change your life and help others.
Candle Burning Magic
By Anna Riva
A candle burning spell book of rituals for both good and evil. Attract love, break a hex, solve problems, break up love affairs, and much more.
 Candle Burning Liturature