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Oil and Herb Literature
Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils
By Anna Riva
Oils and rituals A-Z. Over 550 oils listed with explanations and 1,300 coinciding spells.
The Modern Herbal Spellbook
By Anna Riva
Discover the exotic, magical uses of herbs in love potions, luck spells, for divining the future, making pacts with the decil, casting out demons, conquerin foes, the sexrets of insivibilty, and power over the living and the dead.
Magical Herbalism
By Scott Cunningham
"Magic Herbalism" will teach you how to identify, gather, grow, dry, and store herbs, and use them for protection, divination, healing, and love.
Magick Potions
By Gerina Dunwich
Learn how to prepare and use homemade oils, aphrodisiacs, brews, and much more with this book.