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Mystic's Spells and Ritual Literature
Love Potions & Charms
By Francis Melville
Learn how to use nature's gifts to enhance your sensuality, take control of your love life, and explore new heights of passion and romance. Over 50 recipes for aphrodisiacs, potions, perfumes, charms, and spells, to help you seduce and enthral the lover of your dreams.
The Modern Witchcraft Spellbook
By Anna Riva
Spells and rituals for every purpose. Use them to help you achieve your ambitions and goals. Love, power, success, prestige, influence, and popularity.
Spells & Rituals
By Teresa Moorey
Learn how to use rituals as an effective tool for focusing your mind, altering your perspective, and bringing about the changes you desire. In this book you will find spells for attracting a lover or more money, blessing a new home, getting a new job, or simply entiving good luck.
The Book of Spells
By Nicola de Pulford
Over 40 secret recipes to get your own way in love, work, and play. Also there are 3 emergency spells on sealed pages.