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Feng Shui Protection Tool
The two angular flutes radiate peace and protection up to the universe. The horizontal flute is the guardian of your desires. Red tassels add energy and attract your desires for peace and protection.
Feng Shui Basic Cures Kit
This package includes the following:
1 41/2" half moon with faceted ball
1 Feng Shui Life Stations card
   with instructions on use
4 1" mirrors with double stick tape
1 Sheet red adhesive dots
4 red envelopes
3 Chinese coins
Feng Shui "Cure" Kit
This kit includes the following:
20mm faceted crystal ball on red string
3" x 3" beveled octagon mirror
11" bamboo flute
8' Red Cording
3 Red Envelopes
Baqua Compasses
These simple navigational tools can be used not only for direction, but for a better understanding of Feng Shui. Brightly-colored sectors with information such as element, area of the body, and stations of the I-Ching.
The Three Immortals
Gods of happiness, wealth, and longevity. Rosewood 4 x 1.5 x 1.5".
Feng Shui Tarot Card Deck
This is a remarkable 78-card deck that combines the ancient Chinese philosophies of form school Feng Shui with the traditional elements of Tarot. Features stunning and colorful illustrations.