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We have an amazing array of candles. Ranging from 7 day, 14 day, Image, Votives, Jumbo, Sticks, and more...
We carry an immense supply of incense. It comes in many diffiferent forms such as stick, powder, and charcoal. We also have a multitude of burners available.


Need a special oil or cologne that you just cannot seem to find, no problem. We have hundreds of different oils and colognes that are always readily available.
Books, books, and more books. Ever wonder what you need to bring back a lost lover or how to properly use egg shell powder in a ritual? Find answers to these questions and many more in Mystic Imports own small library of spiritual literature.
Having trouble finding that special herb for your love spell, well your search is over. Mystic Imports offers hundreds of rare herbs and spices to get that spell right!
Baths, soaps, and cleaners galore. Wash away demons from your home with a jinx removing floor wash or take a rejuvenating bath with some a healing wash.
Experience the beautiful healing powers of Reiki. At Mystic Imports you can find everything you need to unleash the powers of Reiki.
Whether you are just curious and wondered what Santeria is, or if you are already familiar with its rich culture and religous rituals and practices this is the place for you!
Waterfalls, chimneys, elephant tables, outdoor, indoor, big, and small it's all here.
Open your heart chakra and clear away negative energy with Citrine or attract a lover with garnet take a look at our large display of stones.
Spell and Ritual kits already compiled complete with everything you need including instructions for your convenience.
All kinds of different holders to fit any location you may want to put candles.
Our selection doesn't stop at candles and incense. Not everything in our store can be as easily catogorized as  our other products. Light up dragons and energizing pyramids are only the beginning.
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